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Taking the word "bitch" out of rap music is like taking the word "love" out of acoustic rock.
I tripped in pe today. It was a little embarrassing, but I'm more concerned about my entire right leg just giving out for a second. I didn't trip over anything; I just fell because my leg quit working. It was a bit strange.

Nothing important has been happening lately. I'm trying to quit being so talkative about my love life, but I'm annoyingly open about things I really shouldn't be open about. Actually, I don't have a love life, so I'm not concerned anymore.

My self esteem isn't as low anymore, but I still hate school.

I need to go shopping.
I'm out of band aids and lip gloss.
They hurt my feet.
It's funny to think that this time last year all I was concerned about was going to Fanime.
I have boy problems now.

Boy problems.
Anime problems.


I wonder which is more important to me now.
I had a dream where I talked to Matt of MCS, and he was really mean to me, and it hurt.

And I had a dream where I skipped school for two days in a row.
Before school: My sister put eyeliner on me. The second time I've had it on in my entire life. It's a good self-esteem booster, but I'm still deciding whether it's worth the stabbing pain in my eyes or not. I should just learn how to do it by myself.

First period: English: We read. I was bored. I poked at my hair with my pencil all period.

Second period: Science: The teacher talked. I was bored. I listened to music and wrote all period.

Third period: Math: I did homework all period, before getting bored to the point where I decided to leave class for twenty minutes to use the restroom. I sat around in the girl's restroom playing with my sister's cell phone. No one should take twenty minutes in a school restroom.

Forth period: Health: The health teacher was talking about tobacco, and weed, and cigarettes, and what they all do to your body. I didn't want to hear it, because I know I'd have doubts about doing it later. I just want to ruin my life. I don't think someone that's only going to know me for four months should tell me otherwise. By the way, Abby, I didn't get drunk yesterday. I was fucking around. :D I won't pick on you on April Fool's now. MWAHAHAHA.

Fifth period: PE: I sat around and let Abby, Hyxue, and Steph be responsible students and actually participate in class. I only did stuff to get other people to do stuff as well. I'm not doing a gymnastics routine. Ever. Sorry. I'll just fail the assignment. Steph stepped on my thumb. It still hurts. Owwie. :)

Lunch: Lancing shared her food with Daniel and I. Sounds gross, I know. I should probably stop doing that, but I get hungry quickly and just as easily. I played with my digital camera, too.

Sixth period: Spanish: MY GOD WAS IT HOT IN THAT CLASSROOM. It was cold as hell outside, but as soon as I got into that God forsaken room, I wanted out. I was dying. I don't get that hot, even when I'm running the mile in PE. I was too nervous to take off my huge jacket because my shirt was so small, so I had to keep that on all period. I had Diet Coke in class though. OMG I HAVEN'T HAD COKE SINCE FEBRUARY. It was so good. SOOOO GOOD. XD

After school: I played Guitar Hero on hard mode. My arm hurts when I do it, but at least I'm completing the levels with more than 70% unlike some people I know. I tried to rid myself of my headache, but with me, it's like hiccups: the more you think about it, the worse it gets. I forgot about it sometime within the last hour, so it went away. I'm planning on cleaning my room again and then taking those pictures I promised, because *I'm not a liar.
*That was a lie.

Hahah. My sister just came into my room, saying over and over that it was seven, asking why I wasn't in school. I leave at 7 am, not 7 pm. That girl has no perception of time. It made me notice that it looks the same outside at 7 at night or 7 in the morning. Damn daylights savings.
I looked prettier than usual today. It was strange. My self-esteem was high enough to even take a -- gasp -- MySpace picture. I hope this self-esteem thing will last. I seriously, seriously do. It makes my days a lot more enjoyable.

I'm having massive relationship problems, but my breakdowns are less frequent, and I didn't cry when my problems started to overwhelm me this morning. I got damn close, but no crying. Promise.

I know I said I'd take pictures of my room, and of my super awesome jacket, but I haven't gotten around to it. I'm too busy eating, lying in bed, taking showers, taking pictures, drawing, writing, and being fat.

Read the paper.
Do your homework.
Clean the house.
Change your child's diaper, for God's sake.

I'm going to bed.
Hahahah... That's a cool subject name. They've just been lyrical ideas I've made up off the top of my head lately. I need to start writing that shit down in a book again. They're not good, but I tend to think that in the "heat of the moment", they are. Yeah, so, it's early, huh? I woke up at one this morning, and I felt like I was about to spew everywhere. Too much information. My bad. I think it was because of that grande vanilla bean and that undercooked pretzel Brittany and I bought at the mall and ate/drank within five minutes. I woke up yesterday morning bummed out as all hell for whatever reason, so I went into the kitchen to clean, because that's what I do when I'm sad. Don't ask me why the house isn't spotless all the time; I honestly don't know. As I was doing the dishes, my father, who was actually cleaning with me for once, said that if Brittany and I cleaned the fuck out of the house, he'd give us fifty dollars each and take us to a local mall. Within the course of two hours, I had the dishes cleaned, put away, put in the dishwasher again, hand cleaned the pans, all three counter tops, the top of the stove, folded up a basket or four of laundry, vacuumed the living room, organized all my father's video games, and some other stuff I can't remember. Brittany sweeped up some sticks and crap in the backyard, which is more work than I'm making it sound like. It was a lot of work, even though my father belittled what the both of us did all day. He just does that.

I was ready to leave within a half hour of finishing what I cleaned, but Britt took two and a half. One to shower, one to sit around and then do her hair, and then a half hour to get dressed and put on make-up. She's fallen into a teenage cliche before she's even thirteen. How promising. When we got to the mall, I managed to convince my father to buy my sister and I food so we wouldn't have to later on. I was forced to order quickly, so I accidentally ordered some kind of pasta with red sauce. Ick. I hate red sauce. I traded my father entrees, since he didn't get what he was expecting either. We pretty much just picked off of each other's plates. My sister and I took off just a little after my father paid the bill. We tried on clothes in prep shops, danced around, told each other how good or bad we looked, and then went onto the next store. My sister was determined to save her money for her birthday which is in a little less than two weeks, but her money was gone within the first hour of being in the mall. When she's broke, she gets antsy, and since I still had my money, I decided to hurry up and buy something. I got this amazing jacket for forty dollars. FORTY DOLLARS. I've never bought a jacket that expensive with my own money before. It's kind of heavy duty, so I can understand why it was on sale, seeing as it's almost spring. I'll take pictures of it later and post them. I'm not sure what the style is, but it's an olive color, very durable looking, and has fur on the hood. I've wanted a jacket like that ever since I was little, so I'm pretty happy. I'm hoping Derrick will give me that German patch so I can iron it onto my jacket. Speaking of that, I finally learned about what the hell heritage I have yesterday. Apparently, I'm 1/8 German, 1/8 Romanian, 1/4 English, and 1/4 Irish. I know that doesn't equal a whole, but that's all my father knows. I'm Gerrrrman. I think that's awesome for whatever reason. English, eh, not so much. Irish is cool though. I'm just glad I didn't get the freckles and red hair from them. I just got the uber-paleness. Yes. I'm stereotyping again. Shame on me.
I'm so sick of feeling like a fat ass. All I do on the weekend is eat and eat, because I've got nothing better to do. I had two sandwiches, a half a slice of cheesecake, fries, and a bowl of cereal. Too much food. I drank a fair amount of water though. Gregg and I fought just about all day. I don't even want to bother talking about that. He's such a dick sometimes. I didn't get drunk like I wanted to, but maybe I will next year. I want beeeeeeeeeeeer.
If you want individual song ratings to any album, comment me.

Silent Alarm - Bloc Party I know this album has been out for years, and while I've heard it in bits and pieces a billion times, it was only until recently that I've listened to the album as a whole. The song transitions are brilliant, and I've always been one to appreciate that; the music flows together. This is their ground breaking album apparently, and I can understand why it would've been at the time, but their following album is just as good, if not better. Almost every song in this album is catchy and memorable, and even for the ones that aren't, they make you think.

A Weekend In The City - Bloc Party Good G/god, this album is good. I'm trying to figure out which of the two Bloc Party albums I like better. The transitions were the same as the last: amazingly good. These lyrics were questionable, but I loved them, as I always do with lyrics like this. If they don't make sense, you think about it, and you remember the band. It's a trick. I love it. The thing I noticed the most in this album were the drums. There seemed to be a distinct difference. I don't know why, but I liked the drums in this album more than in the last. This album just feels like Bloc Party added on more songs to the Silent Alarm album. It sounds like their last album, but in a way that keeps your interest. After all, Silent Alarm fucking rocks.

Infinity On High - Fall Out Boy Uh oh. Touchy subject. Fall Out Boy seems to be the most controversial rock/pop/punk band out there today. You love them or you hate them. I don't love them or hate them, actually. I'm one of the few. I'm really indifferent about this album. Their last album was consistently above average, a B in report card standards, but only higher than that for about one song throughout the entire album. Infinity On High goes from A to F to B to A to D to F. The A songs were absolutely phenomenal. They were so good. The vocalist has a wonderful voice for this genre of music, and I'll stand by that until the earth crumbles. The vocals were what made the songs stand out. Unfortunately, that applies for the bad songs as well. After my first listen to Infinity On High, I was wondering how different it was from the first album, mainly because I was only listening to the vocals, but after listening to the lyrics, I realized that they kind of stuck with their roots. I don't mind it, but I could live without it -- lyrically at least. Please keep the vocals. I was so fond of them throughout the album, even in the shit poor songs. I'm not too big on saying songs are piss poor, but the members of Fall Out Boy are rolling in the cash. They won't care what a fourteen year old kid is blogging about. By the way, my favorite song of the album was titled "Golden". It was their one slow song. They did that in the last album as well. I loved the slow one in that album; I loved the slow one in this album. More slow songs, FOB.